Friday, November 13, 2009


Missed my chance...

I'm such an idiot...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hmmm...Been a while since I posted...

Subconscious: Damn straight!

Maybe a few philosophical musings? As a starter-up for this blog, of course.

Violence: Whatever, as long as I can kill...Something.

Alright then, let's get started shall we? Something basic, maybe, like human nature and the like? Or...Something deeper.

Treachery: Whatever...*Snore*

...You're ruining the moment.

Treachery: What moment?

The armchair in front of fireplace moment. That really philosophical and deep moment. The moment which you guys are not able to appreciate fully.

Anyway...Back to the grey and white studio, I guess.

Humans are retarded.

I agree, maybe partially because I'm a misanthrope, or maybe because Humans ignore the fact that our existence is meaningless.

Seriously. However hard we try to achieve supremacy, we will all end up in the same place, in the same state.


a) Dust
b) 6 feet under
c) Fragments.

Either of the three. Take your pick.

Life, technically, has no true meaning. There's only two, or three stages. Depends on your fate.

You live
You work
You die.

End of story.

Deeper meaning? I don't think so.

Maybe people think the signs of having meaning in life is religion, or occupation, or being super lucky.

Nah, Those are just circumstantial evidence.

Heh, maybe I'm fatalist, or existentialist.

Maybe I'm just insane.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Being your kid =/= Totally understanding me

You see, that's the problem with most parents.

They think that if you are their kid, they know you inside out.

And that's bullshit. Total, utter bullshit.

Alright, my mom gave me a lecture on my 'problems.

a) My lack of emotions
b) My unwillingness to help around the house
c) Me being illogical by accusing them of stuff.

She thinks me being borderline emotionless is me trying to be cool.
Okay, what?
I'm not trying to cool. That's because in Primary School, I was pretty much the butt of all jokes. It's a natural thing. Being emotionless means never being hurt, or never showing it at least, so it's harder for people to know what gets to you.

She says my unwillingness to help around the house is because I'm uncaring.
That's...Partially right.
But the main reason is that I'm afraid to mess things up. I hate being wrong.

And me being illogical?

She wants me to ask my 'conscience' (Emo: He's been disposed of, by the way) about what I do. The problem is that I'm more than likely to rationalize to make myself right, so it doesn't work. It's human nature.


And she thinks Samuel, my sister, and basically everyone else is better than me.

Then fucking adopt them, throw me out, who gives a shit, definitely no one would care, eh?

Heh. The one problem I had with that was her not saying it out straight. She tried to hide it by twisting her sentences...But I can see through it.

It's so obvious.

And the final straw was saying that I don't understand the songs I listen to.

That really added napalm to the fire.

I do understand. I research everything. I know what I listen to, I know what I say, I know what I do.

Knowledge before Action. Catchy, yea?

Subconscious: Ooo...Ego took another hit.

Yea, thought so.

One-week holiday now.

Somehow I wish there was school. I'd rather be with my...Friends than my family. At least they know me more.

What's really amazing is that I never met face-to-face one of my closest friends.

School seems so much warmer and friendly than home now. Maybe it's because people there actually um...Know me better?

And any teacher reading this...Better don't tell my parents.

Or bad, bad, bad things will happen.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

....Damn it...

Okay, Muscle cramps, no freaking problem.

Diarrhea. I can take it!

If you give me both at one time though...Geez. That hurts. A lot.

Luckily I've got appropriate meds, so I don't have to go see a doctor. But still. I must have some really bad luck. Hopefully God can answer some questions.



...You don't really like me, do you?


Friday, August 7, 2009

NDC '09

Let me say this once and for all.

I am not a patriotic person.

Anyway, this year's NDC was okay, I guess. Entrepreneurship fair and all that...At least I contributed, even if it was just running from school to Sheng Siong and back to get stuff. Ah well.

Singing of National song is alright...I'm not really big on patriotic songs.


Can anyone see my deteriorating sanity?

Or is it just me? I don't know. It's like my mind is splintering, breaking into multiple smaller psyches.

~Schizo...Maybe for real.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back from Hiatus

Fine, I didn't update in a long time.

Can't blame me for not having anything to complain about. I mean, this blog is like a list of complaints, from god, to the government, to the world in general.

So I decided to sit down and do nothing except play Sins of a Solar Empire.

Btw, I SUCK at Demigod. I'm better with those thinking, armchair-general strategy games.

Ego: I'm bored.

Subconscious: So am I.

Emo: Me too.

Optimism: *Gagged and thrown into a river*

Violence: Well, that was our last entertainment option.

Treachery: Yea....=(

Hey, I'm tired. At least I passed my 2.4, eh?


Tomorrow is auditions for the Destiny awards thing...

Gonna go and practise.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay, just gotta get this out:

Samuel told me that I was a gentleman.

And that's really bugging me.


Goddamn it...Ah well, if I am, hopefully it becomes those...You know, in stories, the Evil Gentleman? The Gentleman-Thief? No?

Screw you. Actually, no. Screw this.


I really have no idea why I wanna be evil in the first place. Maybe I shouldn't aim so high(low?) And go for moderately bad. Then start from there. Yea, start slow, then wham! Before I know it, I'm nuking some place already.

That would so work.


Do you know anyone who would voluntarily buy a Hitler Gnome?



Subconscious: What the fuck is this!?

Ego: It's the end, I tell you, it's the FUCKIN' END!!!!!!!

Optimism: Hey guys...I need to take attendance. Insanity escaped, and while he's being tracked down, I need to check who's dead or dying.

Ego: Okay...Lessee...Me, Logic, Subconscious, Emo, Pessimism, Treachery, Violence, Schizo, Psycho's in a corner crying, Feminine side.

Feminine side: Um...

Logic: We know you're too small to be noticed. Shut up. We hate you.

Feminine side: =(

Logic: ...Don't give me that look.

Ego: Anyway...Optimism, Despair...

Despair: I'm back!

Subconscious: You were never here in the first place!

Despair: Give me some credit, why don't you! >=(

Violence: Up yours, hick!

Ego: Continuing...Hatred...I think that's it.

Hatred: I hate you all. And I hate it that Insanity is pointing a giant OMG worthy lazor at us. I hate him too.

Ego: ...What...?

Subconscious: Oh shit.